This complaint form should be used to complain about the Council and the service they have provided in dealing with you as a customer.

You should use this form:
  • If we have told you that something would be done, but it hasn’t been done or is taking too long.
  • If a member of our staff or someone working on our behalf has treated you unfairly.
  • If we have been told that you cannot have help or use a council service.
You should not use this form:

Ashford Borough Council is the data controller for any personal information you provide in this form.

Your information will only be used to aid with the resolution to your complaint and may be shared across departments within the Council or with external council contractors if your complaint requires so.

The legal basis allowing us to process your data will vary depending upon your specific complaint, but will predominantly fall under that of the public interest. Information provided to us will be kept for a suitable period specific to your complaint. For more information on your data protection rights or on how to contact our data protection officer, please visit the data protection pages on our website at